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Safety Rules

By Staff | Sep 8, 2010

“You can ride any ride but the swings, those aren’t safe. Someone fell off of them earlier.”

“I heard someone fell off of the Ferris wheel.”

Those were some of the comments heard at the Paden City Labor Day Celebration over the weekend.

The truth is that a carnival worker fell off the top of the swings on Saturday morning, before the rides were even opened to the public. It was just an accident, no negligence. No children were injured. No danger to the public.

In fact, it was during a safety inspection that the incident occurred. Susan Wade, one of the organizers of the weekend festivities, said she was impressed with the safety standards of the Taylor Family Amusements.

The comment about the Ferris wheel was made to me by another mother while our children were jumping in the bounce house. We shrugged off the rumor, saying we’d might know it was true if we heard it five more times while at work the next day.

Turns out the rumor wasn’t true. There was little or no danger for children partaking of the amusements.

In fact, I heard adults complaining that the ride operators were too strict. While we may not always understand the rationale behind some of the rules, sometimes we just need to accept them. I was telling a tween that just the other day. “Sometimes (if not always) your parents know more than you know. They may not want to tell you the entire reason for the rule, but I bet they have a good reason for it.”

I think safety rules are probably a lot like that. I don’t know the ins and outs of the rides. I should just accept the rules of height and number of riders. The carnival doesn’t want an injury on their rides any more than the parent does for their child.

While I’m sure Wade and company heard some complaints about having the carnival at the festival, overall she said she received positive feedback from the venture.

Sure, some kids couldn’t afford tickets or armbands to ride the rides, but sometimes that’s just life. We all can’t afford everything we want.

The amusement company did work with organizers to create some discounted offerings. Plus, she said the family was great, making it easy to work with them.

Some people said the presence of the carnival at the Paden City Labor Day Celebration made it more like “old times”. It brought back the excitement and activity to the annual festival. That is always a good thing.