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From Lana R. Null-Summers

By Staff | Sep 8, 2010

Most people who own pets love them and care for them. I leave my home in Pine Grove every morning and drive to Paden City. I cannot count the times I have driven on state Route 20 and/or state Route 2 and have seen dogs hit or running loose on the road. I know in the country we don’t have an ordinance, but in the cities they are supposed to.

If you are going to have a dog, you need to care enough to tie it up or put it in a pen. Having a dog is the same as having a child, it’s a responsibility. Please, if you have a dog or want a dog, take the responsibility of keeping an eye on it. Tie it up or put it in a pen.

I know from experience what can happen if you let your dog run loose. You may think to yourself “My dog/dogs grew up on the road,” but all it takes is that one time.

Lana R. Null-Summers

Pine Grove