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Skewed Attention

By Staff | Sep 1, 2010

The story about Christina Rexrode’s mistreatment of animals on her Whiteman Hill farm has been the subject of a lot of talk in the past months. Now that the court case has come to a resolution, with the exception of a final petition for alternative sentencing, it seems tongues are still wagging.

Regardless of the various opinions in the matter, we wonder why a case involving animals seems to get so much more public attention than cases involving children.

Why are there seemingly many advocates for animals, when the story on page 2A is practically begging for people to step up and be advocates for children?

We think most animal lovers would agree that children have more, or at least equal, value than animals. Yet it seems cases that involve children are much less likely to be hot button issues, at least on the local level. We agree that animals should not be abused, but we marvel at the unfair public attention and action.