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From H.J. Rogers

By Staff | Sep 1, 2010

Inside every fat man-

At one of those ubiquitous 5Ks,

I felt pretty good, was ready to run,

I sauntered by the fitness tent:

Body fat analysis.

I have put on some weight,

Of course

Diabetes, thyroid, insomnia, et al.

Still I was fit.

The sylph handed me a sheet.

“34.4 percent body fat, 82 and-a-half pounds.”

Mon Dieu! Eighty-two-and-a-half pounds!

That’s almost another human being!

My 11 year old daughter

Doesn’t weigh that much!

Adding insult to injury

Was the next sheet the sylph

Handed me: “To decrease

W-H-O (Weight-Height-Odds),

Body fat and/or Body Mass Index:

-Exercise regularly

-Maintain a healthy weight”


H.J. Rogers

New Martinsville