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Bad News / Good News

By Staff | Sep 1, 2010

Someone told me the other day, “No offense, but I don’t buy the newspaper or watch television news because it’s all bad news. Why does it all have to bad news?”

Of course I countered that it is not all bad news. Sure, sometimes the bad seems to outweigh the good, I admitted as we stood by a Wetzel Chronicle machine with a large photo of a blazing truck. But there is good news too.

The more I thought about that statement, the more I thought that the definition of news as “good” or “bad” is mostly a function of perspective.

If we take the news in this week’s Wetzel Chronicle as an example, it is bad that a rapist was found hiding in our community, but it is good that he was captured. It is bad that a woman was abusing her animals, but it is good that the animals have been taken away from her. Some might think the new rule that prohibits feeding the ducks at Lewis Wetzel Pond is bad, but others may well be happy that something is being done to help the waterfowl go their merry way and perhaps take some of their nuisance and dirt with them. Some readers may think it is sad that laborers found it necessary to picket a company doing business in the local area, but others will think it is great that they are standing up for local workers.

You see, it all depends on how you view the news. Each story can be good or bad. I’m sure there are even some who could see bad in a wonderful event like the Paden City Labor Day Celebration.

The fact is that the news should be a reflection of our community and it is indeed a mixture of good and bad.

Mostly news should be informative. One person who was part of the conversation said she wants to know the bad news too, so she can know what’s going on in the local area. I like how she thinks.