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Board Of Education Approves Personnel Changes

By Staff | Aug 18, 2010

The Wetzel County Board of Education Aug. 16 approved a number of changes in personnel, including the retirements of Betty L. Lemasters as cook at New Martinsville School; Myron J. Seese II as social studies teacher at Hundred High School; and Roger L. Thomas as a bus operator. The retirements are effective on June 30, Sept. 1, and Aug. 4 of this year, respectively. Seese was approved as a certified substitute teacher for next year and will retain his position as athletic director.

The board also approved the following resignations: Jami K. Nelson as countywide MI/LD/BD with Autism teacher based at Short Line School; Shannan P. Palmer as kindergarten teacher at NMS; and Velisha I. Shepherd as 7/8 grade girls’ track coach at SLS. Shepherd also was approved as halftime certified substitute teacher.

In addition, the following were approved for the 2010-11 school year. Jennifer L. Eller was hired as Reading Initiative Teacher at SLS, while Laura A. Barcus’ employment was changed from countywide MI/LD/BD with Autism teacher based at NMS to kindergarten teacher at NMS.

A change in employment also was approved for Mary L. Melott, from kindergarten teacher at SLS to the same position at NMS. And the assignment of Meredith L. Tusic was changed from countywide preschool special needs teacher based at SLS and Long Drain School to kindergarten teacher at SLS.

There also were approved several changes in the employment of service personnel, including the hiring of Ralph V. Gainer II as evening custodian II at NMS on a 228-day contract. Bonnie A. Martin’s assignment was changed from a countywide supervisory teacher aide based at NMS to supervisory teacher aide-kindergarten at the same school.

In addition, the board voted to approve a number of extracurricular appointments. Vance E. Ash was approved as assistant baseball coach at Magnolia High School, while Kathi D. Schmalz was contracted for services as mentor principal for the school’s assistant principal.

At Paden City High School, Margaret A. Sine was approved for contracted services as mentor principal for the school’s principal and as mentor principal for the assistant principal at SLS.

At Valley High School, Kristina L. Earley as approved for contracted services as mentor teacher-special education/social studies and as mentor teach in art at the school. Contracted services also were approved for Paul C. Huston II as mentor principal for the VHS principal and Joan E. Kerns was approved for contracted services as mentor teacher-English.

Gary R. Partridge as employed as assistant coach of the VHS volleyball team and Debra L. West was approved for contracted services as mentor teacher-special education at NMS. Also at NMS, a six-week medical leave of absence was approved for Angela M. Barcus from her position as kindergarten teacher beginning in September and ending in October of this year.

Additionally, the board voted to approve a number of substitute and other personnel for the 2010-11 school year.

Certified Teachers: Gregory M. Bayes, Glenda J. Bennett, Barbara L. Blain, Kay L. Blair, Valerie J. Cain, Amy Cisar, David A. Cisar, Candis D. Clark, Juston Cochran (halftime), Tanya M. Cross, Constance D. Dakan, Jack E. Dakan, Cynthia J. DiLuca, Larry J. Edgell, Barbara D. Efaw, Jeanne L. Fox (halftime), Elizabeth A. Glow, Ashley N. Goddard, Heather L. Hale, Rachelle M. Harter, Trisha A. Hartline (halftime), Timothy W. Haught, Mary F. Hayes, Whitney N. Healy (halftime), Deanna L. Heasley (halftime), Roger L. Hill;

Alberta B. Johnson, Najja Kemmou, Josephine L. Kirk, Melissa J. Landis, Samantha Livingston, Mary E. Lowe, Robert E. Lowe, Kandi L. Loy, Katie Mason, Brittany T. McGinnis, Darlene A. Michalec, Kames O. Miller, Jennings D. Miller, Joseph M. Morris II, Marilyn K. Morris, Claudia Philip, Barbara Quinet, Bernard L. Shackelford, Cheryl A. Shank, Michael S. Shank, Toni L. Shaver (halftime), Christopher S. Shriver (halftime), Margaret A. Sine, Wendy J. Slider, Christina L. Stickler, Leslie G. Tennant, Mary L Toth, Larry W. West, Thomas C. West, Heather L. Wetzel, Mary B. Whalen, Rickie G. Whoolery, Chris M. Wilson, Sara L. Work, and Carolyn S. Zeppuhar.

Non-certified Teacher: Carol L. Amos, Angelica M. Arboleda, Belinda Baker, Michael E. Fluharty, Kimberly J. Huffman, Jeremy D. Joy, Jeremy B. Kelch, Mary E. Klug, Malinda J. Laugh, Margaret A. Roberts, Brandon Shreve, Chad W. West, Stacey C. Wise, and Debra K. Yurisko.

Supervisory Teacher Aides: Georgia L. Bland, Marsha L. Croasmun, Kelli E. Goddard, Angela D. Greathouse (halftime) Molly Harris, Kimberly S. Haught, Tonya R. Hostutler, Radine J. Hubbard, Brenda Sue Miller, Monica L. Morris, April D. Ring, Eva A. Rogalski, Larry D. Sine, Stacie Starkey, Amy Wade, Kelle Wetzel, and Jeanette R. Whiteman.

Substitute Bus Operators: John E. Bell, John M. Boswell, John L. Goddard Jr., Robert W. Greathouse, Robert J. Nice, Connie J. Sands, and David E. Schupbach.

Substitute Cooks: Sandra Blake, Rosemary Bucher (halftime), Barbara Cain (halftime) Ellen R. Graham, Sandra S. Greathouse, Cheryl S. Hillberry, Theresa A. Jones, Gloria D. Mason, Brenda McCoy, Karen L. Pegg, Donald R. Sweeney, and Vickey L. Titus.

Substitute Custodians: Shelly E. Coen, Joe O. Flesher Jr., Gladys Morris, Ethel M. Myers, Linda L. Neff, Nancy J. Shewmake, and Harold Allen Trader.

Substitute Nurses: Joe L. Villers.

Substitute Secretaries: Diann G. Beckman and Rae E. Stuart.

Fast Forword Coordinators: HHS, Bonnie S. McGlumphy; PCHS, Shelley L. Hulsey; VHS, Kristina L. Earley; LDS, Rita C. Roberts; NMS, Amy J. Littell; Paden City Elementary School, Valerie D. Slider; SLS, Phillip B. Hulsey.

LINKS Coordinators: HHS, Beverly A. VanScyoc; Magnolia High School, Stacy B. Barcus; PCHS, Donna K. Jones; VHS, Janet H. Moore.

SAT Coordinators: HHS, Jeanine K. Watson; PCHS, Rebecca L. Meckley; LDS, Dawn L. West; NMS, John H. Holliday (K-3), Sonya D. Holiday (4-8); PCES, Sarah E. Benson; SLS, Juliann M. Allman; Wetzel County Center For Children and Families, Kimberly A. Sobataka.

Site Coordinators For Technology: HHS, Sean L. Snedden; MHS, Mary L. Calvert; PCHS, Shelley L. Hulsey; (Co-Coordinator), Steven W. Jones (Co-Coordinator); LDS, Beth A. Sigley, NMS, Patricia D. Bland, Carolyn S. Zeppuhar; PCES, John H. Ice Jr.; SLS, James C. Archer and Emily S. Robinson. Robinson’s position is paid from SLS Funds.

Service Personnel Administering Medications: LDS, Barbara L. Yeager; NMS, Debra D. Throckmorton; MHS, Lisa J. Sidenstricker, JoBeth Simmons, Teresa J. Starcher; VHS, Pamela A. Jackson, WCCCF, Cora E. Bowers. These personnel will be paid one pay grade higher.