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Renovations Close Museum

By Staff | Aug 11, 2010

The Wetzel County Museum is closed for renovation until further notice. The remodel will include restoration work on the floors and ceiling, inventory, and upgrading displays.

“We hope to recreate the building and museum to its original state,” said Denise Nielsen Tackett, secretary of the board of directors for the Wetzel County Convention and Visitors Bureau, which will be housed in the museum after the remodel.

The restoration will also include a name change. The new name of the museum will be the James Fitzsimmons Center and Wetzel County Museum.

Tackett said the renovation will also make the museum more professional.

“We have already installed heating and air conditioning, and we are looking to restore the original tin ceiling and have the floors redone,” she said.

Built in 1892, the museum houses photographs, riverboat replicas, a film projector from the Lincoln Theater’s early days, equipment from the turn of the 19th century, and many other local historical artifacts.

“After the remodel, we hope to have rotating displays for different parts of the county,” Tackett said.

After the inventory is complete, the museum staff will have a contest for county residents with a reward for the person who guesses how many items are in the museum. Sponsored by the Wetzel County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the winner will receive $100.

The museum is located on Main Street in New Martinsville. Tackett said she hopes for it to reopen by spring.