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It Takes Participation

By Staff | Aug 11, 2010

During the nostalgic opening to the 50th annual Town & Country Days, we were particularly struck by Executive Director Darrell Goddard’s statement that without “you” Town & Country Days could not be the event it is today.

He thanked everyone for their participation in the annual extravaganza, because without others taking part in the fair, it would be nothing.

He is right. A county fair is not just a spectator sport. People must show off their handiwork, fruits of their garden, livestock, and skills. They must also volunteer their time to run concession stands, display information, and sell wares. They must even attend, ride, and cheer in order for the fair to be what it is.

So anyone who has ever given, in any way, to Town & Country Days, we thank you for your part in its history.