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From Pat Dawson

By Staff | Aug 11, 2010

I am writing in response to Bruce Crawford’s July 28 article, “Come on man.”

In the article, a reference was made about how small the sign is recognizing the last baseball championship. I agree that any team that wins a title should be remembered and honored at the field.

I was a member of the black sheep 1989 championship baseball team, and I am still waiting for our sign. When we won we didn’t get anything, not even a t-shirt. When you see our sign be sure and let me know, I’d like to come see it.

Since we just passed the 20-year anniversary of our team’s championship without as much as a word, maybe they can hang the sign in the year 2039 for the 50th, but I’ll probably be long gone by then anyway. Hope you get the sign you want, those guys deserve it.


Pat Dawson

Waverly, W.Va.