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Council Hears Of Park’s Falling Limb Incident

By Staff | Aug 11, 2010

Resident Tim Haught said his family’s car was damaged July 28 when a tree limb at Bruce Park fell on it. He contended the city needs to inspect its trees.

At the Aug. 2 meeting of New Martinsville City Council, resident Tim Haught wanted to make the city aware of a potentially dangerous situation on its properties. On July 28 his wife’s minivan was parked at Bruce Park. There was no storm or high wind, yet a large section of dead tree broke off and came crashing down on top of the van. Fortunately no one was in the van when it happened. It caused about $4,000 damage to the van, according to Haught.

While the city’s commercial liability carrier has denied coverage, he said that was an issue he will address.

His main concern, said Haught, is that the city inspect trees on public property and trim trees to take care of those dead limbs. “Someone could have easily been killed in that particular situation,” he offered.

In another matter, resident Paul Shank offered a list of license numbers and types of cars he has seen in his neighborhood that he believes are involved with drug activity. According to Shank a young man who lives in the area comes out every once in a while with drugs visibly on his lips.

“We have a very, very bad problem in this town with drugs,” said Shank.

Haught, the county prosecutor, said if he has a complaint he needs to make it to the city police and if they won’t follow up on it, let him know of the situation.

Council voted down, by a vote of three to two, a resolution calling for the defeat of Amendment to H.R. 4899 dealing with collective bargaining. The resolution would have called upon the United States Senate to find and determine that the issue of collective bargaining is a local issue that should be left to the determination of the local units of government most affected by the matter. It would have asked the United States Senate to refuse to take up action on the legislation.

Recorder Bonnie Shannon said the resolution doesn’t ask to prevent collective bargaining or unionization, just that the option to use it or not would be left up to individual municipalities.

While Councilwomen Holly Grandstaff and Casey Corliss moved and seconded for such a resolution, Steve Pallisco, Chris Bachman, and Kay Goddard voted against it. Councilman Joel Potts III was not in attendance.

Council voted unanimously to allow the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department to give a 1964 boat and trailer to the Paden City Volunteer Fire Company for their use.