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Yeager Gets Back In The Saddle

By Staff | Jul 28, 2010

Robyn Yeager

Robyn Yeager, a 45-year-old Pine Grove woman who was injured in a serious horseback riding accident four years ago, will embark on the inaugural “Hoofin’ Thru the Hills” 2010 Ride to celebrate her recovery and her return to the saddle. Yeager will make the 24-day trail trek through the West Virginia hills starting July 30 with three other riders, five horses, and her saddle bags packed with the faith and courage that delivered her to this point.

Yeager’s planning for the inaugural ride, which will run from Harpers Ferry to Parkersburg, began more than two years ago. She dreamed of its possibility as she lay in a hospital bed after her riding accident, unsure if she would ever walk again, let alone climb back into the saddle. With help from her family’s love and patience, her faith, four major surgeries, and countless hours in painful rehab, Yeager is ready to ride again and looking forward to experiencing “God’s Country” by horseback.

“I’ve been blessed with this chance to give some closure to my accident and honor that spirit in my horse that helped me heal,” Yeager said.

As she is joined by three other local horsemen on the ride-two seasoned veterans and a vibrant 11-year-old enthusiast-Yeager understands the emotional struggles and the potential value in a recovery such as hers. She sees the ride not only as a way to promote the beauty of the West Virginia Trail system, but the opportunity to help others who have been hurt.

“I hope we’ll meet folks along the way who might need a little boost to get back up from any sort of fall, physical or otherwise, and give them a jump start on a dream,” Yeager said. “If we can do that for one person in our travels, I’ll feel that in some small way, I am able to show thanks to all those who supported me through these difficult years and helped my recovery.”

Yeager takes an old saying to heart, “Those that say it can’t be done, shouldn’t get in the way of those who are doing it.” She and her three ridesmen will keep that attitude as they start the journey to fulfill a dream across West Virginia.

The Hoofin’ Thru the Hills 2010 Riders will depart for Harpers Ferry on July 30 at approximately 7 a.m. from Pine Grove before officially starting their trip on July 31. They plan to arrive in Parkersburg at the Mountwood Horse Campground on in the afternoon of Aug. 23.

For more information about Hoofin’ Thru the Hills 2010 or next year’s ride, contact Robyn Yeager at 304-386-4567 or by following the trip on Facebook at Hoofin Thru the Hills.