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From Tammy Workman

By Staff | Jul 28, 2010

I would like to share with you a little bit of information regarding our American Legion Family, at Post 81 in Pine Grove. We as a Legion Family try to reach a helping hand to our Veterans, their families, our children, and youth We support many programs and charities. Our goal is to try to give back to the men and women that fought for our rights and freedom. A debt that I am sure can never be repaid in full. I would like to give our community a closer look at some of our activities and how your donations and participation are valued.

Our Legionaries are our Veterans who have chosen to continue their service even after receiving an honorable discharge from the military. The auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, and Legion Riders are all directly related to those brave men and women.

Our Legion family is nonprofit. There are many volunteer hours spent each year to raise funds and to help our veterans and their families. All funds raised each year are donated or used for beneficial causes such as the following. The local senior center and the public library are assisted annually with expenses. Handicap accesses have been built at the American Legion Park and the Byrd Centers park in Pine Grove as well as three fishing piers at the Byrd Center’s park to allow those that have difficulty the freedom to continue to enjoy the outdoors. There are monthly donations to the Veteran’s Hospital in Clarksburg, W.Va., and donations of comfort items to all four VA Hospitals and VA home. Bereavement dinners are held for members of our Home Post during their time of need. A fishing derby has been held for children for the past 14 years. All of the American Legion family members support the child welfare, veteran’s affairs, scholarships, children’s hospital, local children’s activities, and education. We support our active Duty troops. None of this could be accomplished without the support of our community and the American Legion Family working together. We thank each and every one of you. Every time you attend one of our events or participate in one of our raffles or donate to one of the benefits hosted by us, you are reaching out with us. Let us not forget to thank our veterans, honor our soldiers, cherish our children, and respect our friends.

Submitted by

Tammy Workman

ALA Unit 81 president

Pine Grove