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Proctor Woman Publishes Book

By Staff | Jul 20, 2010

Lea Ann Summers of Proctor has published her first book, My Fur Coated ‘Old Man’ Boone.

The book, released in June, is the first in what Summers hopes to be a series of tomes about her “fur coated children”-her animals.

Boone was a boxer Summers found in the New Martinsville Plaza’s parking lot in 2003 when she went to the former El Caporal Restaurante to enjoy a Mexican lunch. She took the homeless animal home and the rest of the story can be found in the book.

Summers’ home is always filled with animals. She has had 11 dogs, several cats, horses, and even a pot bellied pig. She would relate the varied, entertaining stories about her animals to her coworkers. They would always tell her she needed to write a book about her dogs. After Boone passed away in January, Summers sat down and did just that. She wrote a book about this unique dog who suffered from behavioral problems and, later, cancer.

“He controlled our lives,” said Summers of she and her husband Tim. “It was amazing-after he died-we realized we didn’t do things because of Boone.”

Lea Ann Summers, author of My Fur Coated ‘Old Man’ Boone.

For instance, they usually take at least five dogs with them when they go on vacation to the beach. Boone enjoyed the privilege twice.

That courtesy was probably revoked the year they came back from the beach to find the rental home completely trashed by the dog. The repairs and damage costs were very expensive.

The stories in the book are true and most of the names are even correct, but a few have been changed to avoid obtaining the needed permissions.

Lea Ann says it is an easy read, only taking three to four hours to enjoy.

The book is self-published through Xlibris. That route was a deliberate choice as the author found if she signed rights to its publishing to another publisher, it could be tied up for seven years, possibly never printed.

The book is available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Xlibris. It can also be requested at any book store. The paperback version retails for $15; $25 for hardback.

She has started a second book in the series-My Fur Coated Kids-His Mine And Ours. It chronicles the adventures involved in blending a family of animals. It is perhaps more trying than blending children.

Lea Ann does have a daughter, Anne Fluharty, and one grandson, Aiden. The author is the daughter of Thelma Bridgeman and the late Bill Bridgeman.

A native of Pine Grove, Lea Ann is a graduate of Valley High?School and West Virginia Northern Community College.