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Hundred Will Receive Light Money

By Staff | Jul 20, 2010

This photograph taken on Feb. 8 shows how the heavy winter snow snapped a light pole at the Hundred High?School football field.

At the Hundred Town Council meeting June 7 Town Recorder Sherry Hayes reported that the Federal Emergency Management Agency stated that before the football/baseball field light project could be funded, an engineer had to declare the light poles at the football field as structurally sound.

FEMA said the life expectancy of the old poles had been reached, saying if they had been in good condition, snow and ice covered lines would not have been able to pull them down.

At the meeting held July 19 it was announced that the town of Hundred will in fact receive the money requested for the field lights. The only condition is that the money will take longer than expected to be delivered. However, the town has been told to go ahead with the planned projects. Work totaling roughly $130,000 is planned to begin in September. This means the first few football games will have to be played away and possibly on Saturday afternoons. Despite the setbacks, the council found solace in knowing things will be better next year.

During the July 19 meeting the council held its second reading of the Refuse Collection and Disposal Ordinance No. 1010 which will increase the monthly rate by $1 to offset the rising fuel cost. A copy of the ordinance will be published in the newspaper in the near future.

Lastly, regarding the proposed election change to be in-sync with county elections, the council was told they will have to hold an election this coming year for one term. Then they will hold another election to fall into place with the county. At that point elected members will hold a four-year term.

Also during the June 7 meeting it was stated FEMA would not fund the Belmont Street wall because they feel the wall came down due to years of no maintenance. Furthermore, the County Commission will not re-open the Wetzel Street bridge with a weight limit due to the liability. Barrels with guard rails were placed there after the mayor inquired about the limit.

In other matters discussed on June 7, the sign has been ordered for the “No Swimming/Danger” sign for the Keller hole and the one-way sign will be removed from Hamilton Street. Councilman David Derby suggested placing a mirror at the end of Hamilton to see traffic coming south on state Route 250.

The council discussed taking out a black fire hydrant on Pennsylvania Avenue to add another parking spot by the new restaurant. Mayor Sine said it could be taken out and turned in for scrap.

In regard to the new bill passed by the legislature in the 2010 session on new stipulations on the tearing down of abandoned buildings, Councilman Phil Lightner commented that the City of Cameron has taken the initiative and is working on projects.

The council agreed such initiative should soon be taken in for the town of Hundred.