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Grand Finale?

By Staff | Jul 20, 2010

A photo of Saturday night's fireworks taken by Staff Writer Miranda Stokes. For more photos go to http://cu.wetzelchronicle.com/galleries/index.php?id=312993

For those who watched the fireworks display that put the exclamation mark on Saturday’s Festival of Memories in New Martinsville, you might have left the event with a slight let down.

If you were like us, you were asking, “Was that it? Was that the grand finale?”

The answers are both yes and no. It was indeed the conclusion of the show, but it was not the planned grand finale.

The Riverfront Development Committee reported the wiring of the planned grand finale caught fire, rendering the final pyrotechnics unusable. However, they are happy to report that Steve Osbourne of Pyrotechnics, Inc. has promised to make up the snafu at next year’s event-delivering an even bigger and better display.

Even without the grand finale, the fireworks were beautiful and included some really neat displays. It was a good ending to a fabulous day of making memories.