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From Brenda Dorsey

By Staff | Jul 20, 2010

As more Marcellus Shale wells are being drilled in Wetzel County, I have two comments: (1) Before road problems occur on County Route 8 Rocky Run, why doesn’t the Department of Highways widen the road in places to allow more opportunities for people to pass on this very narrow road? Better yet, why doesn’t the DOH allow the drillers, in this case, Drilling Appalachia Corp (DAC) to do the widening, since they know best what kind of vehicles the road is expected to accommodate. Also, the installation of convex mirrors or even temporary traffic lights on blind curves might prevent vehicles from being forced to either squeeze by or go backwards to a wide spot-which are few. Also, mowing brush and grass along the road would let people know where the edge of the road shoulder actually is.

(2) On a positive note, locally owned DAC has been very cooperative about well and pipeline placement. DAC’s well tender who services the wells in the area is always polite, answers all our questions, seems very knowledgeable, and advises us in advance if pipeline maintenance or extra traffic will occur. We appreciate the good job he does and how DAC tries to be a good neighbor.

We understand that oil and gas workers are just like us-they have families and work hard to support them. As the drilling expands, let us all work together to arrive at viable solutions-before the problems even develop.

Brenda Dorsey