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From Bill Hughes

By Staff | Jul 14, 2010

I would like to thank our editor for coming to Silver Hill for the public meeting last week and also to commend her on the balanced and detailed article describing all the comments. The meeting was run by the Air Quality division of our DEP.Silver Hill residents, like other rural areas in our state, are fortunate to have an active Volunteer Fire Department which also serves as a community center at which meetings like this can be held.

In her article she accurately reflected the wide array of opinions provided at the meeting. The fact that about 40 folks were present in a rural area like that has no gas station, no convenience store, or post office is important. That is a significant turnout given this area and the topic. We can probably all agree that when compared to the cumulative effect of the assorted groups of major power plants and chemical plants along the riverfront, these gas operations may be relatively minor now. However, the cumulative, long term effect of all the gas wells, storage tanks, compressors, transmission activities will add up to a extended potential challenge to our air quality. If we aggregate now and implement best practices for lower air emissions we will not have to play catch up years from now like Texas and Colorado and other areas have to do now.

Bill Hughes

New Martinsville