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From Rose Baker

By Staff | Jul 7, 2010

I have several questions for our County Officials that I would like answers to. Whose payroll is the Wetzel County Sheriff and his deputies on?

The taxpayers of Wetzel County or Chesapeake Energy? Whose payroll is the New Martinsville City Police on? The City of New Martinsville or Chesapeake Energy? I’m asking because on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I see the Sheriff, two deputies, and a New Martinsville City Police cruiser escorting oversize loads from New Martinsville to Silver Hill. They are spending on average, six hours a day times four, equals 24 man power hours per day, for a total of around 72 man power hours per week escorting vehicles for Chesapeake Energy. Is this what the taxpayers of Wetzel County’s tax money is being used for?

The Sheriff’s Department says they are shorthanded, no enough deputies to cover the whole county, but they suddenly have enough deputies to escort oversize loads? I and others have been told to call the State Police when we needed help because there were no deputies available. But when Chesapeake needs help, two deputies, the sheriff, and city police show up.

The Sheriff’s answer to me was, “We don’t want anyone to get hurt.” Maybe the people of Wetzel County should stop paying our taxes seeing as how our County Officials (who are elected by the way) don’t work for us anymore. Let Chesapeake Energy hire their own escort drivers.

Who will be paying for Doolin Road as it crumbles beneath the weight of these oversize loads and when? When will the roads into Silver Hill be paved? Who will pay for the damage to our vehicles caused by the horrible condition of our roads now? The taxpayers!

Maybe the West Virginia welcome signs should be changed to “All Hail Chesapeake Energy,” the bringer of road destruction, traffic jams, endless roadblocks, noise and air pollution, hazardous waste spills, polluted drinking water, and the end of what was once a quiet and peaceful way of life.

Rose Baker

Silver Hill