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Pedal Prayer Ministry Rides Through Local Area

By Staff | Jun 16, 2010

Reverend Johannes “Hans” Myors from Americus, Ga., recently rode his bicycle, Alice, through portions of Wetzel and Tyler counties. His ministry, Pedal Prayers, takes him across the United States, encouraging people to pray.

The Reverend Johannes “Hans” Myors from Americus, Ga., was spotted in Wetzel and Tyler Counties June 4-5 as he passed through with Alice, his aluminum-framed recumbent bicycle. Myors was on his way to Parkersburg as he travels south back to his home. His traveling ministry, Pedal Prayers, takes Myors all around the country meeting and reaching people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Since 1993 Myors has bicycled across the country 16 times and has visited 48 states numerous times. As of this past weekend he’s traveled over 3,000 miles this year and West Virginia is his 10th state visit. Alice is his seventh bicycle and has run 31,000 miles.

Myors began his 20th mission trip across the country on March 15 and won’t return home until October. As he estimates on his Web site, pedalprayers.org, this trip will be between 8,000-9,000 miles long and take him through at least 30 states. Myors, who turned 54 on June 15, notes that in the late summer he will impressively pass the 200,000 mile mark.

Myors is originally from Munich, Germany, and has been in the United States since 1979. His biography online cites that his first lengthy bike tour was when he was a high school exchange student in Ohio. Before going home to Germany he took a 1,000-mile trip from Ohio to the Mississippi River and back. As he put it, “Even though I was traveling on a Montgomery Wards 10-speed with not too much equipment, I got hooked.” In 1984 he became a U.S. citizen and in February 1993 he writes he had recurring dreams of traveling on a bicycle. In one of these dreams he says he heard a voice say, “Go.” With that, Myors felt a calling to minister in this fashion. The ride started Feb. 19, 1993, from Portland, Ore., and the ministry portion of the ride started from Santa Monica, Calif., on March 27, 1993.

As anyone can imagine, the trips have not been easy. But despite several accidents, surgeries, and other set-backs, Myors continues cycling. However, he’s also been met with many wonderful events that-as evident by his continued travels-make it all worth it to him. Among the more unusual but much-needed donations to the ministry include a new recumbent bicycle and a new server and domain name for the Web site to archive as much information as Myors can imagine. As Myors puts it, this is literally a ride of faith. He has no major sources of funding or income, and he trusts that the Lord will provide “in his own, unexpected ways.” Myors states he’s never asked for any money, though he has been blessed with many donations from persons and churches including in-kind donations such as bike repairs, food, and shelter. Other income comes from “road manna,” that is, the loose change he finds alongside the road.

As stated on the Web site, Pedal Prayer’s mission is to Pray Every Day And Listen (PEDAL), and to encourage believers to put action into their faith. Myors is ordained as a minister through an evangelical Christian ministry in Augusta, Ga., and speaks at churches when able. He has also helped with disaster relief for 15 natural disasters.

As stated in his informational pamphlet available on his Web site, his message for Christians is to live out their faith and put those words and beliefs into action. For churches, his message is to get back to the basics and be a church that cares and shows compassion for all others. As he explains, he feels there’s too much focus on the presentation and not enough interest on the message of the Lord. Much more information on his past, his ministry, and his travels can be found on his Web site, pedalprayers.org.