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Commission Hears About Grants

By Staff | Jun 16, 2010

At this week’s Wetzel County Commission meeting County Clerk Carol Haught addressed the commission with grant matters. The commission yearly applies for community participation grants for specific county projects and Haught met with the commission to discuss each grant’s status at this point. Two grants from 2008 for the portico ceiling project on the courthouse expire June 30, 2010. Since the project is in progress and currently unfinished, the commission voted to file extensions for these funds.

She also noted a 2008 grant for the lighting of the track and parking areas on the 4-H grounds expires in June 2011.

Two grants for 2009 were also discussed and will require extensions. These grants were received for cleaning the stone exterior of the courthouse which simply can’t begin until the portico ceiling project is complete. Lastly, Haught brought up the commission’s two newest grants for the repair of the steps on the north side of the courthouse and for roller shelving in the County Clerk’s office.

As these are recent grant awards there are no matters pressing against the commission at this time.