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One More Measure

By Staff | Jun 9, 2010

We were thrilled to get the news Tuesday afternoon that the New Martinsville Police Department, working with the Wetzel County Board of Education, received a Prevention?Resource Officer grant to put a full-time officer in Magnolia High School.

We believe Sgt. Steve Kastigar will be a good fit for this position as his friendly, yet firm, disposition should work well in a high school environment.

Unfortunately Magnolia has been the center of much attention in the past year for drug activity. A community group has been started to try to curb the drug problem throughout the county, with mostly New Martinsville residents becoming involved. We hope this extra step will be the measure that can truly put a dent in the local drug problem among the community’s youth.

The health and safety of our students is certainly an important aspect of their life-and their education.

We applaud you-NMPD, MHS, and Board of Education-for taking this extra step toward a safe environment and preventative action. Thank you.