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From Spike Bishop

By Staff | Jun 3, 2010

Will wonders ever cease? On May 24, I was sitting, very comfortable, in my house on Brush Run. Now Brush Run is up the holler from Reader, proper. I heard a commotion outside, and low and behold, It was the State Road! Now, why would that excite anyone, you may ask? In the 40 years I have lived here, the State Road has been up here, maybe, a handful of times. That includes snow removal also. Always before, the trucks would turn up Furbee Ridge. Now, we’re getting first class attention since they plowed a ditch to put the water line in, but they said it was part of a grant to put rip-rap in the creek to hold the road, Keep it from washing away. Well, upon further investigation, I discovered the state has a new toy-a brush cutter. Now, why wouldn’t Brush Run need brush cut? Because we cut it ourselves as needed!

So, what did the state do? They cut a four-foot swath off the edge of the hay meadows! That was the only thing they could find to cut, but evidently you don’t think when the boss tells you to do something!

Granted, it only ruined three or four bales of hay, but, that’s not the problem! As I stated, I’ve lived here 40 years, but my father-in-law is in his mid-80’s and this is a first! Way to go, hope you got an “atta boy”. And by the way, the pilot truck had a can of paint. He even got out of the truck and painted some holes. Maybe if someone will drill up in the holler we might get them to fix the road. The road has been reported to the Board of Education about the dangers, as well as the State Road. Maybe, when school starts next fall, we might have to get some TV coverage and refuse to send our kids and grandkids to school!

Thank you,

Spike Bishop

Brush Run