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All Three Paden City Council Races Are Uncontested

By Staff | Jun 2, 2010

Paden City will hold its municipal election Thursday.

There are no contests for the city council seats: First Ward, incumbent Glen “Bob” Casteel; Second Ward, Tom Trader; Third Ward, Larry Potts.

Thomas E. Trader Sr. grew up in Colliers, W.Va. He was a fireman at Colliers Volunteer Fire Department for five years.

He graduated from Brooke High School in 1979 and then moved to Paden City and married Doris. They have been married almost 31 years and are the parents of two sons, one of which was in the 101st Airborne for four years and served in Iraq for a year; his name is Thomas Jr. They are also the grandparents of a grandson and granddaughter. Their other son Matthew works with Trader Sr. at Wal-Mart on ICS.

Trader Sr. has worked at Wal-Mart for five years. He worked at Wissmach Glass in Paden City for 25 years and was a volunteer at Paden City Emergency Squad for 11 years and is now an Honorary member in Wetzel County. He was president, vice president, and on the board of directors as well as several committees on the Paden City Emergency Squad. Trader Sr. also drove the ambulance for the Sistersville General Hospital Emergency Squad and helped in the hospital.

Tom Trader

Casteel and Potts did not submit biographies, nor did Potts submit answers.

What do you see as the biggest issue in your ward and how would you work to solve it?

Casteel: I want to work towards the completion of the sewer project that was started five years ago, and the much-needed repaving of our streets. We have made a lot of progress in the last two years with the help of our city workers and I want to continue to move forward with the help of Mayor Fox and other council members to reach this goal.

Trader: There are really no big issues in this ward. There are things in every ward that need fixed. There are streets that need paved. We have a street fee of $2 a month. We need to get the bad streets fixed. There are surface water problems in difficult parts of the town. There is also one on North 8th Avenue. I talked to the mayor and a councilman about this problem. We need to also get S&S Engineering to look at this problem. I will work with council to work for the whole town.

Do you have a plan for progress in Paden City? Give some specific steps to achieve that goal.

Casteel: My plan for Paden City is to obtain available grant money, both state and federal, to make it possible to improve our city. We have secured our school so I would like to expand the updating of our city park so our young people will have a place to gather and our seniors will have some place to meet and talk with old friends.

Trader: We need businesses in town. Paden City is a good town to live in and raise a family. The way the economy is now, it will be hard to get people to take a chance for business. We have to find a way to sell our town to businesses for them to move here. The town fought to keep their school and won. We need to do the same to bring business in. I will work with council to try to achieve this. It is going to take the work of all the council members.

What makes you qualified for this position?

Casteel: I have called Paden City home since 1958. Over the years I have come to realize how living in a small, close-knit community benefits everyone, young and old. I will continue to work with our fellow citizens to make Paden City the great town I believe it to be.

Trader: I will work for the citizens of the town. I have lived here for 31 years. You are elected for your ward, but you have to be there for the whole town and every citizen. When you are asked a question by the citizens, it is your obligation to get back with them with an answer or, even if you do not have an answer, get back with them anyway. I will honestly do my best for the town.

We all need to work together. We have a great town and I will work very hard for the people. I realize that everything cannot be fixed and everything takes time. I will do my best to help our town to progress.