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Potential Grant Projects Top Commission’s Weekly Agenda

By Staff | May 19, 2010

Helen Earley, Lou Rabel, and Paul Weaver of Whiteman Hill met with the Wetzel County Commission Tuesday for another update on a water project for the area.

The commission stated preliminary engineering was nearly complete and the next phase is the Rule 42, an accounting procedure. After that an application is made, for which a few options were presented including the West Virginia Department of Commerce Small Cities Block Grant fund and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The commission and those present agreed more communication with Congressman Alan B. Mollohan would be beneficial, and planned to do so in early June.

Eric Fecat from the Belomar Regional Council was in attendance at this week’s commission meeting for an update on the energy efficiency grant to replace the main floor windows of the courthouse. Fecat had been in contact with the West Virginia Historical Society which explained that any remodeling could be done, so long as the repairs or replacements don’t compromise the historical integrity of the building.

With that said, Rodney Wade from Quality Aluminum was present to give his expertise on the matter. He made recommendations and volunteered to send a virtual rendering of what the proposed new windows would look like to Fecat and the West Virginia Historical Society to confirm the changes are within the stipulations set by the historical society. Once the window treatment proposal is approved the commission will receive a quote for the replacements and move forward.

During his appointment Fecat also updated the commission on the Public Service District No. 1 water project for the areas along Chiselfinger Ridge, State Run Road, Eight Mile Ridge, and Richwood Run in the Jacksonburg area. Fecat reported PSD No. 1 received the Small Cities Block Grant and are waiting on some administrative actions before official work begins. The commission moved for the release of grant funds for engineering, construction, and administration necessary for the project.

Lastly, Beth Glow from the Wetzel County Center for Children and Families, Inc. approached the commission requesting another donation by the commission toward the center and its various programs.

The commission has made donations in the past toward their many programs and services that serve the community.

The mission of the Wetzel County Center for Children and Families, Inc. is to provide programs and services that support and strengthen Wetzel County families through interagency coordination, collaboration, and communication. Their objectives include promoting responsible parenthood and quality child care choices, ensuring good health and protection for families, and mobilizing communities to support young children and families.

Glow reported the center was doing very well and its programs were being well-received. She stressed they do a lot of good work and make everything function within a strict budget, however she stated she’s looking into many options, including the commission’s help, to provide more for the employees and the center itself, furthering the success of the community it serves. The commission received her letter requesting financial aid and will make a decision once the budget is set later this summer.