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Hundred Council Appoints Sigley

By Staff | May 19, 2010

On May 3 Hundred Town Council named Robert Sigley to the open council position. Many other topics were also addressed at council meetings this month. At their meeting held May 3 the council discussed submitting disaster information to FEMA to try to get funding from the damaging winter season. In early March President Barack Obama declared the state a major disaster area following December’s snow storms. At the meeting held this past Monday it was said the town will soon submit their application to FEMA. In the application the town included snow-related damages such as replacement of the football field lights and the repair of the Belmont Street wall.

Additionally, the council will approach Chesapeake Energy about a donation as well as the Wetzel County Board of Education to purchase the new 70-foot poles which will have to be specially made, as the standard pole length is too short once they are grounded into the field. The poles cost roughly $1,100 each. Fortunately, the state has already given the town $52,500 for the new lights and a second checking account has been put into place for these funds as well as for any other donations that come through specifically for such projects.

In related news Riverside Services submitted a bid for the repair of the 125-foot section of the Belmont Street wall. The amount of the bid was $39,237. The wall will consist of pre-cast concrete block weighing 3,200 pounds each. The council will further work on funding for the project.

Council said there are tentative plans to reopen the Wetzel Street Bridge in 2012.

Concerned citizens attended Monday’s meeting to voice their complaint regarding the new 10-minute parking limit sign along Route 69 in front of Old Hundred Liquor. The council replied the sign was granted to Randy Bartrug, owner of the business, on a trial basis. After some discussion the council moved to remove the sign and reimburse Bartrug the money he paid for the sign. Regarding new road signs a “Do Not Enter” sign is now placed at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Cleveland Street.

Also at Monday’s meeting the council discussed state bills recently passed pertaining to the municipality. Yamaha Rhinos are now in the class of ATVs, and as such Yamaha Rhino operators must abide by the same rules and restrictions under all terrain vehicles. It’s also now legal for Class IV towns, such as Hundred, to use speed detection radars. Additionally, officers are required to take a course in speed detection.

Also, a new rule was added under search and seizure wherein law enforcement must have written consent or recorded verbal consent to perform a search. Lastly, regarding abandoned buildings in town, the state legislature passed a bill allowing towns to lay ordinances for unoccupied or abandoned buildings. Hundred town council discussed looking into making such ordinances and getting grant funding to aid in the cost of tearing down these dilapidated structures once an ordinance is in place.

Lastly, the council touched lightly on the question of having fireworks at this year’s Fourth of July celebration. The council couldn’t readily say whether there was a certified source available, but the council hopes to find a licensed entity soon so the community can continue to enjoy its traditional celebration.