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From Jordan Mullett

By Staff | May 19, 2010

As everyone knows, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. Most families were celebrating by honoring their mothers and showing how thankful they are to have such a great woman in their lives. My family had the intentions of doing the same until my mother awoke to find that someone had stolen something that was more than just a lawn ornament. She had left a purple solar powered flower outside to charge before giving it to her mother. To most people it would be just a simple flower, but to my mom, it was much more. Christmas morning a few years back, her mother had passed away and this small flower was my mom’s present to my grandmother, to place at her grave. It was her way to thank her mother for everything that she had done for her when she could no longer go to her and tell her how much she meant.

I came home to surprise my mother and give her the gifts that my sisters and I had gotten for her, but when I arrived, I found her on the porch in tears. While I am confident that whoever stole it didn’t mean any harm, it left my mother in tears for some of the day. It is hard enough losing someone you love, but when the small gift for a lost loved one is taken on the day meant to honor her, it can make everything seem so much harder. Mother’s Day is supposed to be a happy and joyous time for all mothers, but on this past Mother’s Day, someone’s careless action has caused my mother to have a partial day of tears.

To the person who took the flower: Don’t take things that don’t belong to you. Although something may seem petty, it often has meaning to the owner. To the person who received the purple solar flower: Know that it was chosen with much love. Not by the person you think, but by my mother.


Jordan Mullett

Weston, W.Va.