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Power At The Polls

By Staff | Apr 28, 2010

It is nearly impossible to be unaware that this is the height of the political season. This newspaper is full of candidate information and advertisement, the roadsides are cluttered with signs, the television and radio waves are also crammed with political ads. We can’t even count the number of political e-mails and phone calls that are being made.

It’s political season alright!

While the barrage of “Vote for Me!” may be disconcerting, the process is one for which we should all be proud and in which we should participate. It is a privilege to be given such power over our own government.

We know at times it may seem like “the little guy” doesn’t have much say in the happenings and some people lament that their one vote doesn’t make a difference. You do have a say, if you take the opportunity, and your vote does count. All of those “I don’t count” votes are indeed added together to a multi-vote conclusion.

Without your support, your candidate may not win. And let’s face it, you can have more than one vote if you campaign for a candidate, even if slightly. If you really believe in the person behind a name on that ballot, tell someone. Let your family and friends know the reasons why you will cast your vote for a particular candidate.

Many voters are not informed and if you are, they will likely put some stock in your opinion, particularly if you have the reasons and fact to back it up.

Some people call such influence a “grassroots campaign”. We call it simply letting your feelings known and hoping your candidate picks up some support in the process.

Political discussion is healthy. Reading the candidates’ responses in this week’s Wetzel Chronicle and in next week’s edition will make you better informed. An informed voter is a powerful one.

Study the candidates, give your best effort at choosing the right man or woman for the job, then go to the polls and let our voice be heard. There is still power at the polls.