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The Battle Is Won

By Staff | Apr 21, 2010

Congratulations to the supporters of Paden City High School!

You won your battle; the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan that called for the closing of your school’s doors in two years was not accepted by the Wetzel County Board of Education. Your research, support, and passion paid off!

We think it is great that you paraded through town after the board rendered its decision. There is nothing like celebrating a victory with a town, swelling in the pride of accomplishment.

Unfortunately this was the case of winning the battle and not the war.

We have heard that Superintendent Bill Jones’ remarks about the need for more students was perhaps seen as a bitter pill. We would caution that it is not just a reaction or for spite. He speaks the truth.

Without a student population any school will be on the closure list. What we all need to do is work together to try to find ways to get more people to live, work, and raise families in our area. There is no easy solution and we certainly don’t have the answers, but without a real economic and population boom, this type of situation is sure to come round again.

May we all use the current dose of fervor, even the previous emotion of fear, to drive our work toward a brighter future for us all.