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Local Man Busted With Makings Of A Small Drug Laboratory

By Staff | Apr 21, 2010

A traffic stop late March 26 has resulted in a multi-state investigation into a possible mobile steroid lab.

Robert Jason Work, 33, of New Martinsville was taken to the Jefferson County Jail after he was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, driving left of center, possession of marijuana, and possession of steroids.

The address listed at the Jefferson County Jail for Work is the same address used for the Work’s Fitness World & Tanning.

Ohio Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Bernard said he responded to a report of a vehicle traveling north on state Route 7 between Mingo Junction and Steubenville.

“I observed his vehicle come into the city where he stopped at a green light and then turned left on South Street. He pulled into a gas station parking lot and I found him to be impaired,” reported Bernard.

“While conducting a search of the individual I found syringes and a baggie of marijuana in his pocket. I then found an open safe in the back seat of his vehicle containing a number of prescriptions and steroids and steroid ingredients,” continued Bernard.

Bernard said he has sent several of the drugs to the Ohio Highway Patrol crime lab for testing.

“We plan on talking to the prosecutor’s office because the safe contained several ingredients for manufacturing steroids,” added Bernard.

According to Jason Hanlin of the Jefferson County Drug Task Force, Work had 600 solid tablets in his safe, “believed to be steroids.”

“We are going to look into charges of illegally manufacturing drugs for distribution. It appears Mr. Work has been purchasing prescriptions from a Florida pharmacy as well as ingredients to make homemade steroids from Internet Web sites,” explained Hanlin.

“Basically a lot of the drugs in the safe are animal steroids. There is testosterone and liquid clenbuteral which is a weight loss medication for animals as well as filters used to withdraw liquids from a vial,” cited Hanlin.

“I believe this is a small laboratory. We will also talk to the prosecutor about seizing the vehicle. We believe the suspect was manufacturing homemade steroids for distribution as well as personal use,” stated Hanlin.

“Some of these drugs are legal in other countries but are illegal in the United States. This is the second steroid case I have worked on in the past 10 years, so we have been doing some research,” noted Hanlin.

“We have already been in contact with the U.S. Attorney’s office and we will be talking to Steubenville Police Prosecutor John Mascio and Jefferson County Prosecutor Thomas Straus. We have also been in contact with law enforcement officials in West Virginia. We found Fed Ex envelopes in the vehicle and believe the suspect may have been shipping homemade steroids by postal and parcel delivery,” declared Hanlin.

Hanlin said at this point he does not think Work was in Jefferson County to deliver drugs.

“He was so under the influence he didn’t know what state he was in,” said Hanlin.

“This is an excellent case of cooperation between the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Jefferson County Drug Task Force as well as other law enforcement agencies. This investigation will continue,” said Hanlin.