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From Patsy Hoyt

By Staff | Apr 21, 2010

I would like to thank Bill Witschey and staff at Witschey’s in New Martinsville for all the help given me during recent bake sales used to raise money for Lifeline Christian Missions in Haiti. These are missionaries I’ve known for 25 years who have been in Haiti for 30 years. The money is to buy peanut butter for our kids in Haiti. Not only did Witschey’s furnish me a space for the bake sales, but they let me set up inside the store when the weather became cold and snowing. Every employee went out of their way to be helpful.

When asked, Bill said, without hesitation, “How can I help?” Bill doesn’t know I’m writing this letter. If he did, he probably wouldn’t want me to mention his part in it. This isn’t the first time Bill helped me during a fund raiser. That’s the kind of man Bill is. He gives back to the people who come into his store. So do his employees.

Due to the help from both Bill and his employees, both bake sales were a huge success. We’ll be able to buy lots of peanut butter for our kids in Haiti.

I would like to mention one more thing. I planned on having other bake sales the same day at a much larger store in New Martinsville. When the weather stayed cold and snowing, I went to the store to speak to the manager. That request was ignored. I tried to explain the use of the bake sale, bringing along information about Lifeline Christian Mission and how we wanted to raise money for the kids in Haiti. Also ignoring my information, the employee simply called the manager and said, “Someone wants to come inside for a bake sale.” The answer was a flat, “No. It’s not corporate policy.” Not even an, “I’m sorry.” This store takes hundreds of thousands of dollars from this community each week, but when asked to help feed some kids in Haiti, the answer was a flat, “No.”

This is my first letter to this paper. I was born and proudly raised in Wetzel County. My parents instilled in me the need to give back to those who need help. We all need help sometime in our life.

I’ve tried to instill this value in my own kids. I think Bill Witschey was raised the same way. Too bad everyone wasn’t raised that way.


Patsy Hoyt

New Martinsville