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City Hires Animal Control Officer

By Staff | Apr 21, 2010

Steve Hoagland has recently been hired as New Martinsville’s Animal Control Officer. A highly respected and personable individual, Hoagland officially took on the position on April 13. Within only a few days on the job, Hoagland’s already scoped out many areas in town and has pin-pointed high problem areas.

“I’m an easy person to get along with,” said Hoagland, who’s been taking time to drive around town and meet the public. “I want to let the people know there is an animal control person here to help.”

Hoagland thanks Bob Sellers 10 times over for his help in attaining the position. Hoagland worked alongside Sellers, the dog warden for Wetzel County. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” Hoagland said. He credits Sellers for pointing him in the right direction and helping to get his foot in the door at the city building. “This job gives me the opportunity to step out in the pubic and do what I love to do,” he said. Hoagland also extends his thanks to Bonnie Shannon and Mayor Lucille Blum for giving him the opportunity to help out.

Hoagland has no hesitations to his new job. He says he’s been through it all. Hoagland recognizes the many problems in the area, particularly with the over population of feral cats. His job description also includes picking up house cats if they are not properly tagged or causing problems on others’ property, which is a contributing factor to cat problems in the area. As an animal control officer, Hoagland will patrol the streets for any loose animals, wild or domestic.

Due to so many areas to tackle, Hoagland stresses it will take some time to take care of matters fully, but help is finally here. Although only a part-time position, Hoagland realizes already it will be an ongoing job, especially in the beginning. Even with the daunting tasks ahead, Hoagland underlines, “It’s worth it, and it’s helpful.”

Hoagland advises pet owners to keep them inside or chained up outside, and keep them under control. Rules and penalties will be posted soon in print and at various locations in town to inform the public of their responsibilities and consequences of animal ownership. Additionally, his hours of service will be advertised soon. To contact Steve Hoagland call 304-455-9100.