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Magnolia TSA Captures 15th Straight State Title

By Staff | Apr 7, 2010

Advisor Dave Kimble, left, and some of Magnolia High Schools’ TSA team hold the state trophy, which the school has earned for 15 consecutive years.

For the 15th consecutive year, the Magnolia Blue Eagle TSA (Technology Students of America) Team has brought home first place in the West Virginia State TSA Competition.

Also for the 15th year in a row, Magnolia won the Outstanding Chapter Award. In addition, the chapter will be recognized at the national competition for its State Chapter Excellence Award and the State Community Service Award.

The win was even more special as MHS swept all three places in the Mousetrap Vehicle Division, with first place going to Dillon Huggins. Second and third places were captured by Ethan Wayman and Bryan Huggins, respectively.

Magnolia’s Katie Haught also was elected 2010-11 treasurer of the State TSA organization.

Dillon’s vehicle was demonstrated for a school assembly that recognized the achievement April 1. The buggy-powered by a fishing line and mounted on CD-Rom disks for wheels-ran the complete east-west length of the gym floor. It would have gone farther, except for the wall under the basketball hoop.

In addition, Ryan Ritchea won first place in the Music Production competition for his original song and guitar accompaniment, which was played for the MHS students

The victory means that MHS has won the event almost one-half as long as the competition has existed-and had won several times before the 15-year winning streak began in 1994.

Others who won first, second and third places follow.

Agriculture & Biotechnology Issues: second place, Stacey Durig and Alana Fox;

Animatronics: first place, Kyle Veyon and Jared Blatt;

Architectural Models: third place, Luke Dieffenbauch, Zack Stoneking and Ryan Ritchea;

Career Comparison: second place, Katie Haught; third place, Carson Kelly;

CAD Animation, Engineering: first place, Joe Feeney;

Construction Systems: third place, Ethan Wayman and Brent Horner;

Construction System: third place: Ethan Wayman and Brent Homer;

Cyberspace Pursuit: second place, James Haught, Joey Ingold and Johnathon Leek;

Debating Technology Issues: first place, Joey Ingold and Luke Dieffenbauch;

Desktop Publishing: first place, Lindsay Dieffenbauch;

Electronic Game Design: third place, James Haught and Kyle Veyon;

Engineering Design: second place, Rishi Chandrashakar, Brent Horner and Eric Piekarski;

Essays on Technology: second place, Maryam Boumzerag; third place, Alanna Fox;

Extemporaneous Presentation: second place, Kyle Veyon; third place, Ryan Ritchea;

Fashion Design: third place, Carson Kelly, Katie Haught and Luke Dieffenbauch;

Film: first place, Kyle Veyon and Joey Ingold;

Flight Endurance: first place, Dillon Huggins; second place, Ethan Wayman;

Future Technology Teacher: second place, Maryam Boumzerag;

Imaging Technology: second place, Dawnelle Martin; third place, Jessica Goddard;

Manufacturing Prototype: second place, Zack Stoneking, Luke Dieffenbauch and Ryan Ritchea;

Medical Technology: third place, Krista Emch and Maryam Boumzerag;

On Demand Video: third place, Kyle Veyon, Stacey Durig, Megan Veyon and Alanna Fox;

System Control Technology: second place, Daniel Seavy, Jared Blatt and Joe Feeney;

Promotional Graphics: second place, Jessica Goddard; third place, Bill Feeney;

SciViz: first place, Joe Feeney, Maryam Boumzerag;

System Control Technology: second place, Daniel Seavy, Jared Blatt and Levi McBee;

Technical Sketching and Application: second Place, Jared Blatt;

Technology Dare: first place, Bryan Huggins and Spencer Wetzel;

Technology Problem Solving: first place, Daniel Seavy and Jared Blatt.

Other Blue Eagle teams members were Chad Flowers, Brandon Gump, Kari Huggins, Jon Rux, Emily Moulton, Kate Philp, Jennifer Stoneking, and Nicole Schoolcraft.

By virtue of its state title, all team members are eligible to attend the national TSA competition in Baltimore in June.