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From Richard L. Mason

By Staff | Apr 7, 2010

I apologize for what looked like a wrong being done to a beagle I dropped off at the Wetzel County Animal Shelter. Someone had given him to me a month ago, and when I turned him loose with my other dog, which I have had for five years, the new dog would take off and not come back, and out of sight. After two or three times of this, they took off and were gone three days and three nights. My farm neighbor called me at 8 a.m. and said there were two beagles up there. My dogs always stay close by when hunting. I went up and they were mine. I told my neighbor I was taking this dog to the animal shelter. When I got there the gates were closed. I put the dog through the entrance between the gates, up half-way or so. I saw he was not getting out. I left. I thought I was doing the right thing. I knew they would take care of him. I honestly did not see the dog jump and run down the road. I’m not that kind of person, like some. Years ago, you would drop a dog off on the road somewhere or maybe worse. I also did not know you could not drop dogs off during closing hours. There is a sign at the shelter, but I did not see it.

I was interested in giving the dog a good place and getting home to feed the cows and then take my wife to Wheeling for cancer treatment. Again I’m sorry for any misconceptions.

Richard L. Mason

New Martinsville