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From Gene Halpern

By Staff | Apr 7, 2010

One has to wonder how H. John Rogers’ dream date (Letter March 24th) with Sarah Palin would actually turn out. Spending a full day with the “good looker” soccer mom who was unable to recall the name of a single newspaper or magazine, although she claimed to have “read ’em all,” might not be nearly as intellectually thought-provoking as our Mr. Rogers fantasizes. Any attempt to discuss Rousseau or the finer points of wage slavery with the half-term Governor of Alaska might leave Rogers wishing instead to be sharing a cold cup of coffee with Joe Biden-or a suddenly more appealing Barbara Milkulski for that matter. But if he insists on his fantasy, a Rogers/Palin dream date-televised on some Bravo reality show-would likely get very high ratings in Wetzel County.

Gene Halpern