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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Apr 7, 2010

The radio personality Earl Pitts opens his show with the statement, “You know what makes me sick?!” We all can point to something that sickens us. For me it’s a six-letter word that the definition of it is all too common (tragically so) that describes the actions and reasoning (or lack thereof) of far too many of our citizens. It is a word by definition that has allowed us to slide to the very brink of dictatorship at worst, or tyrannical rule by the minority. No need for me to describe the condition of our country, any with a wit of common sense can see our situation and realize that with the passage of one more piece of odious legislation, such as the so-called Health Bill, would insure that our liberty as we have known and enjoyed, will be history.

The six-letter word I have referred to has allowed people such as Alan Mollohan, Jay Rockefeller, Rahall, and a host of others nationwide to remain in office virtually unchallenged for far too long. All the while undermining our liberty by virtue of supporting any and all liberal and left-leaning legislation.

The word I have been alluding to is “apathy” and that really makes me sick. Wake up, America!

Denver McMullen