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Four Plead Guilty

By Staff | Apr 7, 2010

Four guilty pleas were made in Wetzel County Circuit Court March 31.

Shirl Norman Baker III, 30, of 1802 Muddy Creek Road, Middlebourne, pleaded guilty to count two of his two-count indictment in Judge David Hummel Jr.’s courtroom March 31. Baker pleaded guilty to felony offense possession of a controlled substance (heroin) with intent to deliver.

As per a plea agreement, the court dismissed count one of his indictment-delivery of a controlled substance (heroin)-and Hummel ordered Adult Probation Officer John Lantz to file a pre-sentence report by April 16. Baker will return April 23 at 8:45 a.m. for sentencing.

Baker’s attorney, Patricia Kurelac, requested on Baker’s behalf to be released on a personal recognizance bond to stay with his father and take care of his child and girlfriend. Kurelac assured the court Baker would be looked after very closely by his military father, retired from the Air Force. But when Judge Hummel asked the value of the father’s property, the father replied sharply, “I’m not puttin’ it up.” With that reply Hummel denied the request with equal sternness.

On or about Dec. 24, 2009, Baker and Joshua Paul Sing were in a vehicle stopped by police in Paden City for expired vehicle registration. While stopped, officers smelled marijuana and a K-9 Unit indicated the vehicle contained drugs. Upon searching the vehicle officers found a pill crusher, 10 stamps of heroin, and marijuana. Sing stated he was just going along for a ride with Baker to purchase heroin and sell some of it in surrounding areas, including New Martinsville. Officers found 28 more stamps of heroin in Baker’s socks and Sing had 18 stamps in his pockets.

Sing had pleaded guilty to one-count misdemeanor offense possession of a controlled substance (heroin). After serving 44 days in the Northern Regional Jail, Hummel suspended his one-year sentence and he ordered Sing to supervised probation on Feb. 5.

Matthew Scott Henderson, 37, was in Wetzel County Circuit Court to plead guilty to his one-count information charge of petit larceny. Wetzel County Prosecutor Tim Haught stated Henderson has a problem with alcohol use and there have been multiple instances where he was in a crisis unit for his substance abuse. “He only gets in trouble when he is intoxicated or using drugs,” Haught said. The state felt that bringing him to court and placing him under probation would be proper and help him with his substance abuse.

Hummel ruled to sentence Henderson to the West Virginia Northern Regional Jail for a period of six months and one day. However, as per the plea agreement, Henderson was placed on supervised probation for one year. He was also ordered to attend AA meetings and abstain from alcohol during his probation period.

Adult Probation Officer John Lantz then addressed the court stating Henderson had not filed a home address or landline telephone number. Henderson said he didn’t have a permanent address, but would be staying with his girlfriend. As this discussion played back and forth between parties, Judge Hummel stopped Henderson and called him out on avoiding his responsibility in the matter and ordered he provide such information to Lantz immediately.

While under the influence of alcohol Henderson entered a distant relative’s home without invitation on Oct. 6, 2009. Henderson allegedly took wine coolers and cigarettes from the relative who later called Henderson’s mother and the police.

Samuel James Alan Wells, 20, was also in court to plead guilty by way of information to petit larceny. Wells had been in the jail system for 153 days for the offense. As a misdemeanor plea, he was sentenced to the Northern Regional Jail for a period of 153 days with credit for 153 days, releasing Wells. His sealed indictment was dismissed and he is to pay all court costs.

On or about Oct. 30, 2009, Wells was picked up with Matthew Lee Farmer in New Martinsville after being stopped by police for running a red light. Soon after receiving a citation for the traffic violation, it was determined they possessed stolen property and the two men were picked up. The stolen property-including a computer, PlayStation 2, and cigarettes-were recovered.

William Robert Headley, 48, P.O. Box 86, Reader, pleaded guilty to the lesser included misdemeanor offense of battery on his one-count malicious assault indictment.

Judge Hummel sentenced him to the regional jail system for six months, however this sentence was suspended immediately and Hummel ordered Headley to one year of supervised probation. The plea agreement also clarified Headley is not convicted of his felony charge; he is only convicted of the misdemeanor offense. Headley is to pay all court costs including restitution to the victim who incurred $1,800 in medical expenses for his injury.

On or about Jan. 10, 2009, Headley allegedly maliciously, intentionally, feloniously, and knowingly, caused bodily injury to Timothy Lawrence Klein with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill the said Timothy Lawrence Klein by biting him on the face and ear.