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Recovery Act Brings More Services To CRI

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

Lynn Garber, Community Services manager from Community Resources, Inc. (CRI) met with the Wetzel County Commission this week to update the commission and inform them and the public of new aid programs for qualified persons and families in Wetzel County. These programs could greatly help those in need of financial or educational assistance find employment and afford costs associated with seeking or starting out new work. Additionally, healthcare programs are in effect to offset costs for several common procedures and services.

Among their many services, CRI’s new programs are made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This act is an economic stimulus package enacted by the 111th United States Congress in February of 2009.

Under employment supports, new programs include Learn to Earn for educational assistance, Care for Clunkers for vehicle repairs, and Labor Aid for assistance with fees related to employment.

Under healthcare, CRI now offers dental, vision, and prescription assistance programs. The CRI also has new life skills programs such as parenting classes and after school programs to aid qualified families.

Also present at the meeting was Crystal Ebert, an employee of CRI at the Wetzel County office.

So far, these programs have made a big difference for 80 families in CRI’s 11-county region. CRI hopes to continue to provide help and are looking into other funding opportunities to allow these programs to continue.

Also, their free tax preparation services have helped over 100 individuals. This program ends April 6.

Another advantage to these programs is that these programs seek the work of local businesses. Individuals requesting aid must meet various qualifications involving work hours, income, and family size. There are also qualifications specific to those who work and attend school. Additionally, these new programs have increased the income guidelines to offer even more assistance to those who may have not qualified for other similar programs. CRI plans to keep this new income formula to better help the community.

For more information visit www.cricap.org. For information or to speak to a representative from the Wetzel County office call 304-455-2701 or stop in at their office at the south end of Main Street, New Martinsville.

Steve Rawlings of the West Virginia Counties Risk Pool insurance program also met with the commission Tuesday. Rawlings met with the commission in January to introduce them to the Risk Pool program.

He then took information from the commission’s current insurance provider and returned to present a comparative summary of the anticipated savings the county would incur if the commission decided to gain membership in the WV Counties Risk Pool.

While Rawlings presented many advantages to joining the WV Counties Risk Pool-a member-owned and controlled program-the commission moved to further discuss the proposal and review its contents before making a decision. The deadline to file for membership for this fiscal year is July 1. The state-wide program insures coverage of county-owned properties, vehicles, and equipment and promises efficient and stellar service as well as stable rates.