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No Lack Of Passion

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

We don’t think anyone remotely familiar with Paden City was surprised by the outpouring of love for Paden City High School at the public hearing concerning the possible closure of this institution’s doors. It’s no secret that the town is fiercely loyal, and when something as monumental as the demise of their school is on the line, the troops will rally. That kind of passion is always admirable.

We have no idea if the arguments given at the four-hour meeting will convince the board of education to ask for changes in the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan.

However, we do believe passion alone cannot be the deciding factor. Such large decisions need to be rational, not just on a gut level.

If all it took was desire to keep something in our midst, people would never pass away. If money wasn’t an object, we’d all live in mansions. If attendance wasn’t necessary, dwindling churches would keep their doors open.

Yes, it takes more than passion to make reality, but without passion there would be no debate. We simply hope the right-whatever it may be-prevails.