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From Don Hitchcock

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

First it was the banks and credit cards, then the auto companies, now it’s health care and education. Where, if ever, will it end?

The final straw is the health care bill just passed by the House of Representatives.

Not only did they use “fuzzy math” to get figures from the CBO that are billions away from reality, they have the audacity to say this is fiscally neutral and will even save billions over the next 10 years.

Even the president said this was a great “victory for the people, would cut the deficit, and represented a movement from the ground up rather than from Washington down.

Not one of these statements was true. Every poll taken these past weeks indicated that this health care legislation was rejected by the public by a 2-to-1 margin.

It raises our nation’s debt, it raises massive taxes on everyone. It will cost jobs, and makes serious inroads into our individual freedoms. There are even questions about its constitutionality, as evidenced by 38-40 states who are in the process of taking our Congress to court.

What cost estimate provided by the federal government ever came close to what was projected? Social Security? Medicare? Not hardly.

What was the last year the Post Office or Amtrack showed a profit? So much for letting big government be in charge.

With the passage of this new bill, over 100 new federal agencies will be created. The IRS alone will need to hire over 18,000 new agents to ensure we all get the health insurance we are mandated to purchase. Can you imagine the price tag on that?

Admittedly, some features of the new bill sound pretty good, but when was the last time you paid $25,000 for a new car and the salesman said, “Come back in four years and you can pick it up”? I say this because some of these “benefits” won’t kick in until four years from now.

Let’s face it, we, and probably our representatives, really have no idea as to everything included in this piece of legislation.

If we continue on the path we are on today, the time is just around the corner when we will no longer be the USA, but rather the USSA-the United Socialist States of America.

Isn’t it about time we woke up? Let’s hope we can wake up by November.

Don Hitchcock

Paden City