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From Bonnie Hall

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

Twenty years ago I moved to Wetzel County. Why? Because my husband and I thought it was the perfect place to spend our retirement. Gone was the rat race of the suburbs.

Oh yes, I gave up some conveniences. Pizza delivery, living close to stores, having a hospital and doctor’s office near, sidewalks, paved roads, and city water all became things of the past. But the peaceful environment we were seeking made it all worthwhile.

In exchange I not only gained the beauty of a natural environment, but I could live in the midst of God’s creation. I could ride my horses down the road without worrying about traffic. Living on the ridge I could experience the peacefulness and awe one feels while looking at a clear night sky. In the morning the sun brought the songs of a hundred birds greeting a new day. The water I drank was crystal clear and had no chlorine added. In the fall the roads looked like ribbons disappearing into an array of colors. Driving to town was enjoyable when four or five passing vehicles were considered heavy traffic.

Now I have the inconvenience of a night sky dimmed by the bright lights on the horizon, I awake to the sound of semis and jake brakes squealing-not the songs of birds singing. My crystal clear water now contains carcinogens giving me the inconvenience of buying and hauling water for myself and my horses. I cannot ride my horses down the road due to the extreme danger of the heavy truck traffic. I drive to town dodging potholes and feeling a sense of fear as I approach every curve. After all, there might be a semi on the other side.

After living here for 20 years I find it more than inconvenience to have my life disrupted to this point. The “almost heaven” has certainly been stolen from Wetzel County.

Bonnie Hall

New Martinsville