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Chamber Of Commerce Reviews Its Progress

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

On March 18 the Wetzel county Chamber of Commerce hosted a retreat for members and guests. The retreat was held at the Wetzel County 4-H Campgrounds in the Mollohan Center. The main objective of this retreat was to review, revisit, and refocus the work plans and progress of the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce. Within the WCCC there are four committees that drive the vision of the Chamber of Commerce, which is to be a strong partner in enhancing and unifying Wetzel County’s economic, cultural, and civic welfare. Theses committees are: Valued Resources, Advocacy and Partnership, Community Engagement, and Economic Growth. Each committee separately took time to review with the group what they have accomplished over the past two years.

WVU Extension Specialist Kelly Nix was on hand to lend her expertise by explaining the benefits of knowing personalities when working in a team setting. Each guest was given the opportunity to take a personality test and compare with his/her peers. The guests then learned how best to adapt to one another’s different personality traits. Knowing this helps team members to accomplish goals and objectives in a more efficient way.

Discussion also began on defining future works on which the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce will concentrate.

To assist in developing a better Wetzel County contact the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce at 304-455-3825.