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Silly Sisters

By Staff | Mar 24, 2010
The Westfall sisters, from left, Wilma Westfall of Folsom, Betsy Westfall of New Martinsville, Amy Witschey of New Martinsville, and Karen Lancaster of Alvy, are ready to walk through the streets of Sistersville in the parade.
Approximately 170 "sisters" attended this year's Sisters Fest.

This past weekend I was able to enjoy yet another time of fun and just plain silliness with my “sisters” at the 11th annual Sisters Fest in Sistersville.

While I do attend the event with my three sisters, I put the word in quotes as I consider all the women there to be my “sisters” in the spirit of the weekend. For those who haven’t attended the event, you just can’t understand. The women who attend–many of them just with friends or other relatives such as mothers, daughters, and aunts–are able to just cut lose and have a good time without fear of condemnation.

One woman who has a prominent place in the community was heard to say, “Now remember, what happens at Sisters Fest stays at Sisters Fest!” It wasn’t that she was doing anything scandalous, just silly and perhaps outside of what the general public would expect. But her fellow sisters completely understood. In fact, we joined her.

We would welcome you into our sisterhood next year, March 18 and 19, 2011.