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From H. John Roger

By Staff | Mar 24, 2010

Liberals such as myself used to prate about the “common man,” the “wage slave,” et al. (Marx, Lenin, Uncle Joe, of course, ran this into the ground.)

If Sarah Palin is anything, she is the “common woman,” the Soccer Mom from the last election cycle writ large. She is also a “looker,” and quite sexy. Her physiology/anatomy helps me to understand why she appealed to John McCain and Senator Barbara Milkulski (D-Md.) was not even on Obama’s long list.

Despite sugar coating the entire process (or most of it) Gov. Palin does not mention that it was Sen. McCain who was deemed to be the political “rogue,” not her. The one statement in the book that rang true was Cindy McCain’s comment that after Sarah’s son was sent to Iraq (Cindy’s son was already a “boot”) that she would really learn how to pray. I don’t recall if the boy’s deployment produced this result. The book has no index and, I will admit, I basically looked for the “dirty parts.” There appear to be none.

Still, Sarah comes off as a real delight, sort of a Rousseauin “noble savage” whom I would rather spend a day with rather than, say, Joe Biden.


H. John Rogers

New Martinsville