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From Bill Hughes

By Staff | Mar 24, 2010

At times, we all tend to complain about some of our state agencies and the various departments that help to regulate and serve the diverse aspects of our communities.In contrast, there are times that state departments work very well. We should be just as quick to compliment them at those times.

For example, two weeks ago there were three big trucks, servicing the gas well drilling operations, which experienced brake failures coming down Brock Ridge Road onto state Route 7.

On Thursday, March 4, a very large, heavy tractor and trailer could not stop at the bottom, crossed over Route 7, broke through the guard rail, and plowed into the front yard of my neighbor.Since the guard rail was demolished, calls to the State Highway Department were made.They responded quickly.Bob Whipp, director for District Six in Moundsville, arranged for double layer guard rail and closer spacing to help protect the family that lives there.

The need for a prompt response was demonstrated just two days later when another heavy truck could not stop at the same location and ran into the tractor trailer in front of it. Now, the good news is that just six days later over 60 feet of heavy duty new guard rail has been installed.Credit for this quick work goes to Bob Whipp and all his staff that helped at District Six, Moundsville.Thanks for a job done well and fast.

Bill Hughes

New Martinsville