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From Ann Bridgeman

By Staff | Mar 24, 2010

To My Good Samaritan: I live on a well-traveled street in New Martinsville.

On Feb. 15 I got in my car and it was stuck. I would move it back and forth and then I got it moving but then it was half in and half-way out in the street. I got out and walked around the car to see what I could do as cars went by and people waved and smiled. No one stopped. Then my good samaritan pulled behind me in his white vehicle and asked if he could help.

Of course, I said “Yes.” He walked around my car and rocked it back and forth. He got it around the ice and snow and said, “You can get out now.” I thanked him but never got his name.

Dear sir, I don’t know your name, but I hope you read The Wetzel Chronicle because I do want to thank you as my good samaritan.

Thank you so much,

Ann Bridgeman

New Martinsville