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Boy Collects Money For Haiti Missionaries

By Staff | Mar 24, 2010

Nicholas Beaty is collecting monetary donations to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti.

A boy whose grandparents are from New Martinsville wants to help rebuild Haiti one brick at a time.

Nicholas Beaty, a seventh-grader at Pleasants County Middle School, is collecting money for earthquake relief to be used to buy bricks to help the people rebuild their lives. He has put 11 donation jars around St. Marys where people can drop in their spare change to help out.

“The earthquake in Haiti has received worldwide attention and it is my wish to help them to start rebuilding their lives by starting a benefit drive to raise money to help buy bricks for their homes and businesses,” Beaty wrote on a label for each of the jars.

“It is very important to me that we come together and help give the Haitians back their homes and businesses.”

Beaty was affected by the news coverage he saw of the damage from the earthquake that hit the island nation Jan. 12. Watching the footage of the devastation with his mother compelled Beaty to do something.

“I wanted to help,” he said. “I wanted to help them build shelters from the weather.”

The money being collected is for Touch Ministries, run by family friends Gary and Caroline Walker of New Martinsville. The Walkers are living in St. Marc, Haiti-about 70 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. The Walkers operate a ministry, a school, and an orphanage at their site in Haiti.

The standard cost of a cement block is around $1.30.

Beaty has reached out to the people in his community for their help. In addition to the jars, Beaty, with the help of his parents, has opened an account at Union Bank in St. Marys for people to stop in and make a donation.

Donations can also be sent to Benefit of Haiti Victims, c/o Nicholas P. Beaty or Paul J. Beaty, P.O. Box 309, St. Marys, WV 26170. Beaty has written letters to area churches asking for people’s help.

“Right now, every cent counts for Haiti,” he said.

In the first two weeks collecting money, he was able to raise more than $310. Beaty is planning to keep the jars out and the bank account open for the next two months.

“It is very important to me that we come together in Haiti’s time of need and help them to start rebuilding lives,” Beaty said.

Beaty is the son of Paul and Lisa Beaty of St. Marys and the grandson of Darnell Dieterich and Beverly Roberts of New Martinsville and John and Naomi Beaty of New Martinsville.