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Falling Light Poles And Roadways Take Top Priority At Hundred

By Staff | Mar 17, 2010

Part of the wall holding up Belmont Street in Hundred came tumbling down Friday morning. The city is currently working with insurance adjusters to determine reimbursement before any repair work can begin. (Photo provided by Phil Lightner)

At Hundred’s Town Council meeting held March 1, it was recorded that the council has received one bid so far for the replacement of the football field lights. At their second monthly meeting on March 15 there was further discussion of the football field lights damaged by heavy snow.

Representatives from the Hundred Athletic Boosters met to discuss what they and some other volunteers could do to speed up the light replacement process to help ensure students could practice and play on the field as soon as possible. As it is now, the school is forced to practice in other less-convenient locations and travel for every spring sporting event as the field is not safely usable yet.

Various ideas were presented in safely getting the lighting poles down, cutting them up to sell for scrap on their own, and getting reimbursed by government funds rather than waiting until funds arrive. The council is going to contact the insurance company to make sure they are covered to handle such tasks as well as provide the insurance company with an estimate for the removal and replacement of the lights.

One pole is broken and five poles are bent on the field. When they are replaced the poles will be dug into the field/creek side rather than along the bank where they were previously. Also, the new light cords will be buried.

The council approved the athletic boosters to pursue getting the poles taken down pending permission from the insurance company.

In other matters, a piece of the Belmont Street wall crumbled last Friday around 2 a.m. The city had received a grant to repair a weak section of the wall in August 2009. This grant was implemented and the section was reconstructed. The section that crumbled March 12 was a different piece of the wall. Until insurance adjusters can evaluate the damage, the rubble will have to remain.

The council has contacted the insurance company and they are processing the claim. The council hopes an adjuster will arrive very soon. The insurance company needs an estimate of the repairs which the council will get from Riverside Services, the company that took on a 12-foot section of Belmont Street this past summer. The new repairs will be for 40 feet. The council is also working with FEMA on the matter. It was mentioned as an idea to use the poles from the football field in reconstructing the crumbled section. The council moved to look into their options in replacing the crumbled section.

Lastly, town council touched on plans for this year’s spring clean-up. Several ideas were discussed and members of council are checking on garbage bin rentals. The matter will be discussed at their next meeting scheduled for April 5 and they hope to have the spring clean-up dates set at that meeting.