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Do Unto Others

By Staff | Mar 17, 2010

We wish we could say we were completely shocked at the report of a life-size “dummy” with the words “go away drillers or you will die” hanging by a noose from a tree along state Route 89 in the Silver Hill area. Unfortunately such a childish, inflammatory act is just the thing we knew this “battle” could produce.

We know that lately the activity and level of frustration seems to be growing.

Could intentional bodily harm be threatened? We certainly hope not.

We have heard of a new citizen campaign to promote respect. It asks, via signs that read “Have a L’il Respect-for the citizens” at the exit road from every gas facility in the area, for gas-field workers to show respect.

We hope that sentiment also goes for the citizens who need to show respect for their fellow man, no matter who signs their paycheck.