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I Found My Ruler

By Staff | Mar 10, 2010

I found my ruler.

It wasn’t lost under the pile of paper on my desk, though that is certainly a possibility.

My daughter didn’t take it to use as a pretend sword in a duel and carelessly discard it on the floor when that whim passed, though that has been known to happen.

No, I knew exactly where my ruler was, I just couldn’t see it because it was covered with snow.

When we got our first big snow of the recent deluge on Feb. 6, I went outside and measured the snow in my front yard. I believe it was seven inches. I decided to leave my Smoky the Bear ruler in the frozen precipitation so I could see how much more fell from the sky.

At some point it fell to the ground in the melting snow. However, the snow never completely melted away and more fell on top, burying my ruler.

Almost one month after I placed that wooden stick in the front yard I finally saw its sunny yellow paint again. Finally the snow had melted away.

Now, I know many Wetzel Countians still have a substantial amount of snow on their property, but this town dweller never gets as much as the hill people. I count you as lucky, but you may well see it a different way.

I enjoy the snow-for its beauty and the fun times it helps us enjoy.

But as much as I love it, I also like the idea that spring seems to be on the way. Maybe before too long I can use my ruler to measure flowers and grass instead of snow. I bet many of you look forward to that day.