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From Tim Hill

By Staff | Mar 10, 2010

This is in response to Tina O’Neil’s letter published in your March 3 edition of the Chronicle and a conversation she held with my wife. She may be seen as a hero to many citizens who agree with her efforts of “taking the situation in her own hands” by luring, trapping, and disposing of the cats that trespass on her property.

I am one of the many who absolutely disagree with her methods and would ask only one small favor of Tina: If she would please reveal the name and phone number of the “friend” who is disposing of the cats, then those of us who have lost our pets might have some possibility of retrieving them. If they were destroyed, so be it, as despicable as that sounds. If they were merely relocated, we would like to have the chance to travel to the location to try to find and bring home our pets. I cannot imagine the type of person who would hurt a defenseless pet who may never have ventured onto certain property if not for the baiting aroma. Even if there is no local law or ordinance against what is being done, common decency should tell us a neighbor’s pet should never be treated this way.

Tim Hill

New Martinsville